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Homesick is the fifth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. It introduces the Power Rangers-exclusive vehicle, the Jet Jammers and marks the first transformation of the Galactabeasts into the Galaxy Megazord.


A young boy, Matthew, sneaks aboard Terra Venture to see outer space, but is caught by Kai and Damon when he tries to turn the space colony around to go home to Earth. The Rangers and Matthew are helped by the Galactabeasts when Furio sends the Gasser monster to the colony to put everyone to sleep. During the battle, the Galactabeasts are transformed into Galactazords, and then jointly into the Galaxy Megazord, to defeat the enemies. Later Matthew is given a medal for his act of courage and the Rangers return him to Earth.


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  • Leo and Maya remain morphed throughout this episode.


  • In an error that would be repeated throughout the series, the Lion Galactazord's eyes turn from green to blue during the Megazord formation sequence.

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