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This article is about a/an ally in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

Hiroshi is a boy who is sent to the Land of Despair alongside his mother even as the Zyuranger head there to gain the legendary weapons.

Character History

Hiroshi is a boy who hates his mother and who wishes for her to just go away. However, this wish is overheard by Witch Bandora, who decides to do just that by whisking her away into the Land of Despair. However Hiroshi discovers this and is pulled into the mysterious realm with his mother by Bandora's spell. The two land in the realm just as the Zyuranger likewise head there in order to find the Legendary Weapons of the five tribes. Boi and Mei are placed in charge of helping Hiroshi and finding his mother, but cannot stop him from ultimately turning to stone due to the influence of Bandora and her distractions, including her minions and Dora Minotaurus. Ultimately when the Zyuranger finally gain the weapons and defeat Dora Minotaurus, they free Hiroshi from his stone spell and help him and his mother escape the mysterious world before Bandora ultimately destroys it.


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Behind the Scenes

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