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This article is about a/an movie in Hikari Sentai Maskman.
Hikari Sentai Maskman Movie
A movie for Hikari Sentai Maskman
Maskman Movie 2
Release date July 18, 1987
Written by Hirohisa Soda
Directed by Takao Nagaishi
Episode Guide
Order in Continuity
Ep. 19: Phantom Magic! Anagumas
Ep. 20: A Trap! The Sinking Giant Robot
Production Order
Flashman: Big Rally! Titan Boy!
Kousoku Sentai Turboranger the Movie

A film version of Hikari Sentai Maskman premiered on July 18, 1987 at the "Toei Manga Matsuri" film festival, where it was shown as part of a quadruple feature alongside Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, Saint Seiya: The Movie and the film version of Choujinki Metalder.


Takeru fights to rescue a mermaid living in an underground pool being used by Igam to cause massive earthquakes to the surface.




Main article: Maskmen
Red Mask Takeru
Black Mask Kenta
Blue Mask Akira
Yellow Mask Haruka
Pink Mask Momoko


Underground Empire Tube


  • This movie must take place after episode 19 due to Earth Curiosities Beast Anagmas becoming the leader of the Earth invasion for Tube, overuling Baraba & Igam. While it can take place any time after that, it easily fits between 19 and episode 20 due to the team not having Galaxy Robo; however that doesn't mean they may or may not have it. However, the latest this movie can occur is before episode 27 due to the team still having Shot Bomber as their finisher.
  • The opening of this movie is notable for two major milestones in Sentai history:
    • This is the first time a song that isn't the series theme is used for the movie theme, instead using Shot Bomber Zenryoku Shuuchuu (ショットボンバー全力集中 "Shot Bomber All Concentration Force") as the theme for this film.
    • This is the first time that a Sentai song is danced to in the credits of a series, as is done by the Maskmen in the opening credits (it is originally done at the end of an episode of Sun Vulcan); dancing to Sentai songs would become more prominent in the franchise starting in the 1990s but more notably from the mid-2000s.
  • In the Philippines, this was released as Bioman, Shaider, Maskman: The Movie and was a triple feature along with Choudenshi Bioman Movie (dubbed in English) and Uchuu Keiji Shaider (dubbed in English). Maskman was dubbed in Tagalog.

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