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High Councilor Renier is the supreme authority in the five-member High Command presiding over Terra Venture.

During Destined for Greatness, Reiner and the other members of the High Command are briefed by Commander Stanton on Terra Venture's position. When Mike Corbett unexpectedly returns after having been left behind, Reiner cuts Stanton's questions short and simply welcomes Mike back.

During Green Courage, Reiner was kidnapped by Cannonbrawl to force Terra Venture to send its best mechanic to fix the Scorpion Stinger's engines. Despite Reiner ordering Commander Stanton not to send anyone, Damon volunteered to go and was accompanied on the Heliship by Mike and Leo Corbett. While Damon fixed the ship's engines, Leo rescued Reiner who was angry that they had disobeyed her orders not to send anyone. During the escape, Reiner showed a moment of quick thinking by using a metal box to trip up Cannonbrawl, allowing them to escape. Following the escape from the Scorpion Stinger and the defeat of Cannonbrawl, Reiner awarded Damon and Leo medals for their heroic actions and gave Damon a high-five.

Renier later questioned Commander Stanton on the energy pulse the Galaxy Book sent out in Enter the Lost Galaxy and the danger of the book. When the Guardian was captured, she attempted to interrogate him to no result and eventually Commander Stanton had him locked up.

In Hexuba's Graveyard, Commander Stanton calls a meeting with Renier to tell her that they have discovered that Terra Venture's fuel reserves are tainted and they will soon lose engine power and environmental controls. To her horror, Renier realizes that that means that Terra Venture will soon start to freeze. Stanton confirms this, telling Renier they will then lose all systems one by one and only have a day or two before the situation is critical.