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This article is about a/an planet in Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

The Baribarian departs the planet Hazard an instant before its destruction.

Hazard (ハザード Hazādo) is a former planet destroyed by the Universal Reckless Driving Tribe Bowzock. The planet was once a peaceful one with a race of aliens who believed in the power of "Carmagic" drawn from five constellations in the form of cars. The peace was shattered when the Bowzock invaded, rampaging throughout the planet and turning the vehicles against them. With the planet in chaos and most of it's inhabitants dead, the invaders blew the planet up before moving on to another target. Ep. 1: Fighting Traffic Safety

Hazardian Dapp is from this planet as one of its last inhabitants, bringing his knowledge of Carmagic to Earth where he would use it to form the Gekisou Sentai Carranger. Another fellow Hazardian is Dapp's father, who likewise assists the Carranger as the mysterious VRV Master.

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