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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Hawaii Zeo is the forty-ninth episode of Power Rangers Zeo.


The Power Rangers are out fighting Prince Gasket, Archerina, and the Cogs when Jason starts to feel like he is getting weak, and Prince Sprocket comes just in time before Jason is destroyed. The Rangers teleport out of there and back to the Power Chamber, where Jason falls to the floor. Tommy is worried until later when he finds out Jason is OK. Meanwhile, Ernie comes back from Hawaii and Tommy finally asks Kat on a date to the Hawaiian party which is ruined by the Cogs.


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  • Final appearance of all the Zeozord fleet.
  • Final appearance of Prince Gasket and Archerina. They were not seen among the villains attacking the Cimerian Planet in Power Rangers In Space's "Countdown to Destruction" so they either returned to their homeworld or were destroyed off screen. As it turns out, both of their costumes had fallen into a state of disrepair, which is why both of them were never seen again. It is also unknown why the costume committee didn't make brand new ones.
  • The title itself is a reference to the police drama, Hawaii Five-0.
  • The reason why Tommy has a cut on his cheek in this episode (and later has a bandage covering it) is because Jason David Frank got hurt in a mosh pit at a concert he was attending, as mentioned on Jason David Frank's Instagram page. The in-story explanation, however, is that Tommy fell out of bed reaching for his alarm clock.


  • When Jason pilots Pyramidas, he is briefly shown in the Super Zeo Megazord cockpit. Then when the Zeo Ultrazord is formed, Jason, along with the other Rangers, is back in Pyramidas' cockpit. The reason behind this is that in the Sentai version the Super Zeo Megazord's counterpart OhBlocker was not operated by remote control, instead Jason's counterpart Riki was piloting it.
  • In previous episodes, Queen Machina praised Gasket and his evil-doings. However, when Gasket and Archerina both leave Earth, Machina says "Well, I hope you've learned something", acting like she disowns Gasket.


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