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Concept Art

Hattena (ハッテナー Hattenā) is a Player of Team Quval.

Character History

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  • Medal Slot: Top of the Head
  • Blood Game: Steal every word on Earth.
  • Genre: Text Adventure


  • Queschopper (クエスチョッパー Kuesuchoppā)
Hattena's Primary weapon, A rod that resembles a fountain pen.

Powers and Abilities

Hattena Control

The Real Hattena controlling ZyuohKing

  • Mecha Control
Using his real body, Hattena can latch onto the head of a Mecha in order to control it.
  • Dummy Bio Body (ダミーバイオボディ Damī Baio Bodi)
A Dummy body that can regenerate when it has taken damage. It is controlled by Hattena's true body.
  • Combo: Word Hunting (ワードハンティング Wadō Hanthinngu)
A combo move which allows Hattena to shoot a beam from his eyes. Anything that the beam hits will cause any form of writing (EG: Letters, Numbers, Hiragana and/or Katakana) to disappear and be absorbed into Hattena's main body. The beam can also effect living beaning as well causing them to become mute.

Behind the Scenes



  • Hattena was designed by Yukihide Toyoda.
  • As with all Zyuohger villains, Hattena's design borrows elements from past Sentai villains. Specifically, his design is similar to Kimen Doggler of Maskman (both of them have the ability to separate their heads from their bodies and are able to latch onto a Sentai Robo to control them while in giant form). Hattena also has an ability similar to Word Processor Armadillo of Dynaman (in terms of its abilities to control language and words while penalizing those who break its rule).

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