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This article is about a/an ranger in Voicelugger, a show unrelated to Super Sentai or Power Rangers, but having similar traits.
Haruka Yuuki
Voicelugger Rose
Name: Haruka Yuuki
Gender: Female
Show: Voicelugger
Color: Pink
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: I am a Hero
Last Appearance: Smiling Face in Rain, Clear Weather in a Smiling Face
Number of Episode Appearances: 12
Actor: Haruna Ikezawa
Voicelugger Rose

Voicelugger Rose/Haruka Yuuki (ボイスラッガーローズ/夕樹 遙 Boisuraggā Rōzu/Yūki Haruka?): She had been living in Los Angeles. She does not remember much about Tsedua, but her memory is slowly returning.

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