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The Hand-Off is a Super Sentai tradition that started with the finale of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger during the sponsor spot after the end credits. At the end of each series finale, the current Red Ranger meets the Red Ranger of the next series as a type of passing the torch ceremony. It only last a few seconds and rarely contains any words. The Hand-Offs remain part of their respective episodes for the DVD/Blu-Ray release.

List of Hand-Offs

Dekaranger - Magiranger (Episode. 50: Forever Dekaranger)

Red Senshi Handover- Dekaranger - Magiranger

DekaRed meets MagiRed.

MagiRed appears before DekaRed, by a stark black background through a spark of fire. Both Rangers give each other a high five, and turn their attention toward the viewers.

Magiranger - Boukenger (Final Stage: Return to Legends)

Red Senshi Handover- Magiranger - Boukenger

MagiRed meets Bouken Red.

MagiRed (outside) calls Bouken Red (black background) through his MagiPhone. Through a split-screen effect, Bouken Red turns his attention toward the viewers, posing. This is, so far, the only Hand-Off where the two Reds do not physically meet one another, with MagiRed instead making phone contact with Bouken Red (Satoru Akashi) from a different location. This is also the only Hand-Off between two Reds who did not meet up in a subsequent team-up focused exclusively on their teams' meeting (ie. not counting the Legend War, where they did not interact with each other anyway).

Boukenger - Gekiranger (Last Task: The Endless Adventure Spirits)

Red Senshi Handover- Boukenger - Gekianger

Bouken Red meets GekiRed.

Bouken Red and GekiRed walk through a fog and give each other a high five. Bouken Red walks off to the fog where GekiRed walked through, and the viewers' attention turns toward GekiRed.

GekiRanger - Go-Onger (Lesson 49: Zun-Zun! The Beast-Fist, for All Time...)

Red Senshi Handover- Gekiranger - Go-onger

GekiRed meets Go-On Red.

GekiRed runs to Go-On Red, waving at him, and gives him a high five. Like a car, Go-On Red dashes off while GekiRed waves at him again.

Go-Onger - Shinkenger (GP Final: Road of Justice)

Red Senshi Handover- Go-onger - Shinkenger

Go-On Red meets Shinken Red.

Go-On Red and Shinken Red draw their swords (Road Saber and Rekka Daizantou) and their swords clash, producing a cloud of red smoke. Go-On Red wishes Shinken Red luck, and both Rangers turn their attention toward the viewers. This is the only hand-off thus far where both Reds are not in the "black room" and are interacting in the real world. (In the Magiranger/Boukenger hand-off, only MagiRed was in the real world)

Shinkenger - Goseiger (Closing Act: The Samurai Squadron is Eternal)

Red Senshi Handover- Shinkenger - Goseiger

Shinken Red meets Gosei Red.

Shinken Red puts his Shinkenmaru away when Gosei Red appears within the mirrored hilt walking towards him. Gosei Red pats Shinken Red on the shoulder and runs off while Shinken Red looks on.

Goseiger - Gokaiger (Epic 50: Protecting the Planet is an Angel's Duty)

Red Senshi Handover- Goseiger - Gokaiger

Gosei Red meets Gokai Red.

Gosei Red walks to Gokai Red, who slowly lands using a swinging rope, and nods that he makes a good landing. Before walking off, Gosei Red gives Gokai Red a high five, and the attention of the viewers are turned to Gokai Red while Gosei Red waves from behind.

Gokaiger - Go-Busters (Final Ep.: Farewell Space Pirates)

Red Senshi Handover- Gokaiger - Go-Busters

Gokai Red meets Red Buster.

Red Buster rides up to Gokai Red on his motorcycle. After getting off, Gokai Red throws a punch which Red Buster stops, (The punch being the continuing responsibility). Gokai Red leaves shortly after. Red Buster quickly turns in the direction Gokai Red is headed towards and bows out of respect before reboarding his motorcycle and giving a "thumbs up" for the start of a mission. This is the first Hand-Off to involve another character, as Red Buster's motorcycle is Cheeda Nick. However, this is minor, as Nick does nothing more than be a normal motorcycle.

Go-Busters - Kyoryuger (Final Mission: Eternal Bonds)

Red Senshi Handover- Go-Busters - Kyoryuger

Red Buster meets Kyoryu Red.

Red Buster appears to walk towards the camera until suddenly Kyoryu Red attacks him from behind. They get into a short scuffle until Red Buster catches a punch (similar to his interaction to Gokai Red) stopping the fight. Kyoryu Red faces the camera and punches towards it while Red Buster leans on top of his shoulder.

Kyoryuger - ToQger (Brave Final: Great Explosion! Goodbye, Kyoryuger)

Prueba 1

Kyoryu Red meets ToQ 1gou.

ToQ 1gou appears in front of Kyoryu Red wearing a pink costume, causing confusion until ToQ 1gou Transfer Changes into his normal red costume. The two then do a high-five before ToQ 1gou runs towards the camera as Kyoryu Red waves goodbye (to ToQ 1gou and, by extension, the viewers). First one to advertise McDonald's and the first one where the announcer is a man.

ToQger - Ninninger (Terminal Station: The Shining Ones)


ToQ 1gou meets AkaNinger.

ToQ 1gou stretches as if he's tired when a puff of smoke appears and AkaNinger appears. He tries to attack, but ToQ 1gou sees it and slaps his fist gently while walking off. AkaNinger can be seen bowing as ToQ 1gou leaves

  • This marks the 10th anniversary of the Hand-Off tradition since its start in 2005.

Ninninger - Zyuohger (Shinobi Final Chapter: To a Future Without Hiding, Wasshoi!)


AkaNinger meets Zyuoh Eagle

AkaNinger holds his Ninja Ichibantou, and then, he turns around and see Zyuoh Eagle (in his Instinct Awakened form) landing in front of him. AkaNinger gives Zyuoh Eagle a high five. AkaNinger is seen behind holding his Ninja Ichibantou on his shoulders while Zyuoh Eagle slides his head.

  • There is twitter video clip where Takaharu Igasaki tells Yamato Kazakiri in their non-transformed state He’ll leave Super Sentai to him. [1]

Kyoryuger Brave - Zyuohger (King 12: Eternal! Power Rangers Dino Force Brave)

Zyuohger in Brave finale

Juyong Kwon and Juhyeok Kwon meets Zyuohger

Juyong Kwon and Juhyeok Kwon use the Animal Force Dinocell, which summons the Animal Force Power Rangers (the Zyuohgers). Yamato Kazakiri de-morphs and then shakes Juyong's hand. This marks the first Hand-Off to feature the actual actors on screen as well as other Rangers aside from the main Red Rangers taking part.

Zyuohger - Kyuranger (Final Ep.: Earth is Our Home )

SentaiHandOff Jyuohger and Kyuuranger

Zyuoh Eagle meets Shishi Red

Shishi Red sneaks up behind Zyuoh Eagle and mischievously taps him on the shoulder, startling his predecessor. Shishi Red then does a special handshake with Zyuoh Eagle and then pats him on the shoulder. Zyuoh Eagle tries to fly off but then Shishi Red grabs him and weighs him down and gives the audience a thumbs up while Zyuoh Eagle struggles in midair to fly away, showing the new Red to be a bit of a prankster.

SentaiHandOff Kyuuranger and Lupinranger VS Patoranger

ShishiRed meets LupinRed and Patoren 1gou

Kyuranger - Lupinranger vs. Patranger (Space.Final: Echo in the Universe! Alright, Lucky)

Shishi Red celebrating is interrupted by LupinRed running in front of him; and then hiding from behind. Patren 1gou has his VS Changer ready to shoot LupinRed, but LupinRed is using Shishi Red as a shield. Shishi Red is knocked out of the way as the thief and cop Reds face off with each other and run off, leaving Shishi Red confused.

Super Sentai Legend Wars

The Hand-Offs are recreated in the Super Skill sequences of Super Sentai Legend Wars.



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