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This article is about a/an monster in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

Hanayaida (ハナヤイダー Hanayaidā?) is a Player of Team Quval.

Character History

Ep. 9: A Day Does Not End

Ep. 30: The Legendary Megabeast


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  • Medal Slot: Belly
  • Blood Game: Growing a Cannibalibulb to devower all known species on earth.
  • Genre: Caring Game


  • Rose Shoulder
A Pair of Plant Sprayers located on Hanayaida's shoulder which can spread Nightmare Perfume.
  • Cannibalbulb (カニバリブルボ Kanibaruburubo?)
A carnivorous plant that Hanayaida is trying to grow. It can use tentacles to wrap around a person and shock them while it's still a bulb.
  • Purify Watering Can (ジョースイジョーロ JosuiJoro?)
A Watering Can that Hanayaida used to grow Cannibalbulb or producing the Planter Protector. It can also be used for combat.
  • Planter Protector (プランタープロテクター Puranna Purotekuta?)
A Flower Pot shield that is used for defense. Created by the liquid inside Purify Watering Can.
  • Combo:Nightmare Perfume (悪夢パフューム Akuma Pafyumu?)
A combo move which Hanayaida shoots a pollen-like powder from the Rose Shoulder to make living species fall asleep & fall into a dream-like state, causing the victim to repeat a day in their life.

Behind the Scenes




  • His name is a pun of plants growing in Japanese (華やいだ).


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