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The Hammer Dial Fighter (ハンマーダイヤルファイター Hanmā Daiyaru Faitā) is a brown auxiliary Dial Fighter modeled after a tiltrotor. Its code is 8-8-0. It is a transformed version of the Blade Dial Fighter.


It is the temporarily transformed version of the aforementioned Blade Dial Fighter as it was hit by Pitch Cock's weapon.


The Hammer Dial Fighter was created when the Blade Dial Fighter was hit by Pitch Cock's weapon, turning it into the Hammer Dial Fighter much to his misfortune. Pitch Cock was then beaten by LupinKaiser Hammer Knight. After he was beaten, all those still affected by Pitch Cock's Pikkoken returned to normal including the Hammer Dial Fighter. Number 11: I Will Continue Shooting

LupinKaiser Hammer Knight

LupinKaiser Hammer Knight (ルパンカイザーハンマーナイト Rupan Kaizā Hanmā Naito) is the combination between the Red Dial Fighter, Blue Dial Fighter, GoodStriker, Scissor Dial Fighter, and Hammer Dial Fighter. Its finishing move is the GoodStriker Rapid-Fire: Spinning Barrage Hits (グッドストライカー連打 ぐるぐるぶっ飛べヒットベー Guddo Sutoraikā Renda Guruguru Buttobe Hittobē), where LupinKaiser spins with the Hammer Dial Fighter to gain enough momentum to knock the Gangler Monster sky-high.

Appearances: Lupinranger VS Patranger Episode 11

Additional Formations

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  • It is somewhat similar to Cube Panda from Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.
    • They are bright-colored mechas transformed from dark-colored mechas (the brown-colored Cube Kuma and the grayish-black Blade Dial Fighter).
    • They are both limited campaign items in their respective toylines.
    • Their debut series are both written by Junko Komura.
      • Considering that both Zyuohger and Lupinranger VS Patranger are both written by the same writer, this might be the writer's pattern regarding the auxiliary mechas.
      • This is disproved with how the introductory episode in question was written by Kaori Kaneko. 
  • During its debut, Lupin Blue asked surprisingly "Do weapons have genders?", which amounts to a joke. Even so, this raises questions whether Lupin Collection pieces or Dial Fighters (VS Vehicles in general) actually do have a gender, or whether they can be simply be enhanced or strengthened by any other effects aside from the power of the Collection themselves. 



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