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"My goose is cooked!"
―Halfbake's final words before his death[src]
"My dough is rising!"
―After getting a shot from the Magna Beam[src]

Half-bake is a baking/autumn-themed monster who worked as a chef for Heckyl till the day he escaped and tried to create trouble for the Rangers.

Character History

Halfbake is first seen in the many cells around Sledge's ship, frightened at the thought of Heckyl's release. Wishing For a Hero

Half bake was seen when Heckyl was realising the prisoners. When Evil Stirs.

He was then seen when all the other monsters forgot the location of rangers base. Forgive and Forget

After Heckyl took over, where he was employed as a chef. One day, Half-bake was serving Heckyl some cookies which he throws and says that there's no cinnamon. Halfbake replies that he sent a Spikeball to bring some cinnamon but he was destroyed by the Rangers. He asks Heckyl's permission to go and slay the Rangers, which makes him and Wrench laugh. Heckyl asks his plan to which he replies that he'll just go and destroy them, making everyone laugh again. When Heckyl is sleeping, he tries to sneak out but is caught by Wrench. He electrocutes him by breaking a cable, causing short circuit in his system. He manages to escape and then seeks the Rangers. A short-circuited Wrench eventually arrives and although angry with him helps him in battling the Rangers. Halfbake hears the rumour that Erin is the pink ranger and abducts her. The rangers find his underground lair and confront him. While Erin is freed by Shelby, Halfbake is destroyed by the Victory Maximum Final Strike. Besties 4Eva!


Halfbake is brave as he dared to battle the rangers though he was not a strong outlaw. However, (Though this probably due to his powers making up for lack of strength) he is childish and takes decisions without thinking about the consequences. Unlike other outlaws, Halfbake wouldn't attack civilians to gain the attention of the rangers, but instead politely asked them to help him find the rangers, even offering to bake cookies for them if they helped. Despite his non threatening demeanor, the civilians were still frightened of him.


  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Burr Bomb
  • Destruction Dough

Behind the Scenes


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  • He is named after the phrase "half-baked", which means poorly thought-out or ill-conceived.
  • The symbol on Halfbake's forehead originated from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER, in which his Sentai counterpart was a member of a group of monsters called Attacking Group of the Four Seasons. Each monster was season themed and donned the kanji symbol that represented their respective season. Since the episode he appears in uses Ranger footage from Brave 33, the kanji alternates between being present and absent on him.
  • He has been seen, several times, as a background monster, in Sledge's ship, prior to being used as a chef and MOTD.

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