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Character History

Bowzock's best festival coordinator. He had Deputy Leader Zelmoda kidnap Ichitarou Tenma for the Bowzock Festival, using a conductor for the "evil-power lightning" so they could suck the evil (& life) out of the boy. However, due to a miscalculation, it was Instructor Ritchihiker who was hit by the lightning, which transformed him and gave him more power. Wasshoishoi was killed by Sirender.


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • HH Wasshoishoi was voiced by Eken Mine in his only Sentai role; he is most notable as portraying Bat ManIcon-crosswiki, the second-ever Kaijin in the original Kamen RiderIcon-crosswiki series; among many other KR kaijin.

Behind the Scenes

  • His name is based on the Wasshoi ((わっしょい), a cry uttered by the participants in Matsuri (Japanese Festivals) during the shouldering of a Mikoshi (portable shrines).