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This article is about a/an ally in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

Gunther (グンサー Gunsā) (19-20, 45-46) : Known as "Raging Wolf of the Galaxy" (宇宙の暴れウルフ Uchū no Abare Urufu), Gunther was cared for by Doctor Hoshikawa and his wife when severely injured before he stole the Star Carrier. But arriving on Earth, Gunther battled the Fiveman but eventually could make friends with Gaku before he returns the Star Carrier to them and then was turned to stone after he saves Gaku from the monster's attack. However, he was but was unintentionally revived by Iwakasekigin's spell and helps Gaku while he is trapped with Vulgyre. He sacrifices himself to save Gaku from Billion, and reveals in his dying breath his sins and receive forgiveness before he dies.

In the Philippine Dub of the series, he is renamed as Wolfe and is voiced by Carlo Eduardo Labalan.

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