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This article is about a/an video game in the Power Rangers franchise.
Guardian of the Hall of Legends
Guardian Char
Gender: Male
Season: Power Rangers: Super Legends
Color(s): White
Homeworld: N/A
First Appearance: Power Rangers: Super Legends (DS)
Last Appearance: Power Rangers: Super Legends (DS)
Number of Episode
0 (1 Video Game)
Full list of appearances
Actor: None

The Guardian of the Hall of Legends is its sole custodian. He first appeared in Power Rangers Super Legends' unique Nintendo DS version. He spirits the Omega Ranger away after a deadly battle against Gluto. Recognizing the need for more power for the Omega Ranger, the Guardian asks him to gather chrono crystals, which are elements in the time stream. This is to allow the Omega Ranger to enter more times wherein Power Rangers were active.


  • The Guardian is the only Ranger to have the iconic Power Rangers lightning bolts as part of his design.
  • The Guardian is the only Ranger to be wearing a flowing robe instead of a battle suit.

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