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This article is about a/an morpher in Power Rangers Wild Force.
Growl Phone
Wild Force
Used by: Wild Force Rangers
Produced by: Princess Shayla
Production Order
Quantum Morpher
Lunar Caller

"Wild Access!”

The Growl Phone was the phone-based morpher of the five core Wild Force Rangers, given to them by Princess Shayla. It could be operated like a conventional cell phone, and would transform from miniature animal (overlaid with the Wild Zords images) to humanoid robot modes when a morph was initiated. The Growl Phones were gold with Ranger-colored trim on the phones' animal figureheads. They had the same morphing sequence as their counterparts Gaorangers.

Morphing Sequence

Power Rangers Wild Force - Rangers Morph 201:31

Power Rangers Wild Force - Rangers Morph 2

The morphers activated with the cry, "Wild Access! HA!.

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