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This article is about a/an head villain in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

Great King Mons Drake of the Planet (大王・惑星のモンス・ドレイク, Daiō Wakusei no Monsu Doreiku) is a atlas moth-themed Monsian (モンス星人, Monsu Seijin), and is the leader of Universal Annihilation Army Warstar. He is  armed with the Drake Tomahawk (ドレイクトマホーク, Doreiku Tomahōku).


His signature attacks are the Planet Bullet (惑星弾, Wakusei Dan), the Syzygial Bullet (惑星直列弾, Wakusei Chokuretsu Dan), and his most powerful attack being the Gravity Fall (引力落とし, Inryoku Otoshi) ceremony where he uses the dark matter in his body to cause a nearby satellite to impact on the planet in which he is currently located.


Before invading the Earth, Mons Drake realized that the Gosei Angels would hinder their goals, so he tasks Dereputa to destroy the Heaven's Tower in a preemptive strike. Eventually, after growing tired of the Goseigers' interference, Mons Drake performs the Gravity Fall to make the Moon collide with Earth. However, it is stopped by the Goseigers. Soon after, Mons Drake attempts another plan by transferring Earth's oxygen into the Indevader and have it crash into the Earth to incinerate all live on Earth. However, he is instead blasted into the Indevader by Hyper Gosei Great and consumed in the resulting explosion.Epic 15: Countdown! The Life of the Earth

His spirit later appears to Brajira, futilely trying to attack him before being cast away.

He is mysteriously revived in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Uchuu Keiji Gavan. He is seen fighting Captain Marvelous and Ahim as the Skick Goseigers. He shoots them with a blast from his axe. Marvelous sees a door behind him, so Ahim covers him with a windrush card. After saving Gavan, he is ultimately destroyed by the GokaiGalleon Buster's Special Charge.

He revives again in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen as a member of Dai-Zangyack. He was only seen when Marvelous orders them to hunt down Kamen Rider OOO, Birth, and ProtoType, with Dereputa, Brajira, Brajira's clones, and the Dark Headers. He was last spotted with Dereputa and Nanoma-Gatari trying to chase Hina-chan, until Daiki Kaito shows up and blasts them. Unfortunately, Great King Mons Drake, along with the other Goseiger villains were never spotted in the final battle so it is unknown if they were defeated or not.


  • Height:201 cm(52.7 m:Giant)
  • Weight:193 kg(462.5 t:Giant)
  • Movie Reference: Mons Drake name comes from Star Trek.
    • While a massive franchise, this refers to the 2009 film, where the Romulan leader Nero uses his power to destroy the planet Vulcan in an alternate universe in retribution of his planet being destroyed in the original universe.

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