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Grace Sterling is a billionaire, philanthropist and the CEO of the tech company Promethea and formerly the first Mighty Morphin Red Ranger who was active back in the 1960s. She is an original character to the Boom! Studios comics storyline.

Character History

Young Grace ('69)

Grace as a young woman

Grace was the head of the secretary pool at NASADA during the Apollo missions when she was young in 1969. She witnessed the first man land on the moon and had dreamed of going there herself, but the rampant sexism of the decade prevented her dreams from coming true, despite passing the Mercury astronaut tests at the top of her class. Her co-worker Marcus tried to raise her spirits and say that times are changing, but she resigned herself to the possibility that her dreams of being up in space will never come.

During her talk with Marcus, she was randomly teleported and was chosen by Zordon to be a Red Ranger, as he valued her knowledge on the Moon. Zordon intended that skill to be put to good use for her Ranger team to stop Psycho Green. She immediately accepted the mission once she learned she could get her wish and be on the Moon and brought the team together by encouraging them to at least try to go along with it. Once she arrived on the Moon, Grace had a brief moment where she cried tears of joy as she touched the lunar surface. The moment is ruined a bit by her team bickering because of their clashing personalities and the pro-Soviet and condescending comments of Nikolai towards her. She soon gets the situation under control and coordinates a search using her knowledge of the moon's geography. She also examines Rita's dumpster briefly before hearing Jaime's cry for help as she was attacked by Psycho Green. She saves Nikolai after he gets kicked by Psycho Green and nearly hurled into space, but watches in horror as Jamie is crushed to death by a boulder, then sees Daniel suffocate to death after his helmet cracks from getting hit by an energy blast. She orders her surviving teammates to use the Power Blaster at maximum power to destroy Psycho Green and then briefly calls out Nikolai's cold attitude towards the deaths of their comrades before Psycho Green grows into his monster form. She find's Rita's palace while running from the Monster and sees a turret, asking Terona if it can be used, which he says they can use it. She then witnesses Nikolai prepare to sacrifice himself to save the Earth, telling her to make the world she defended worth saving as he dies heroically destroying Psycho Green from the inside.

She returned to the Command Center furious at what happened and Zordon's apology for the deaths of three people not being enough to make it any less terrible. She insists that they use the powers they have to fix the world and they can do so much more, like end the Vietnam War or the Cold War. Zordon refuses as this would breach his code of ethics, as it is not their place to interfere in mankind's affairs, even if the intent is good. Grace walks away after returning her Power Morpher, disgusted with Zordon's unwillingness to intervene saying simply that it is wrong to do nothing. She no longer has dreams of going into space, as the experience of being a Ranger shattered that dream. She walks out of the Command Center, hiding something behind her, revealing that she had taken the dagger of Psycho Green.

In the present, she arrived in Angel Grove after the Black Dragon story arc, offering aid to the cities affected by Rita's attacks and those attacked by the Black Dragon while he was in control of the Zords. She also defended and supported the Power Rangers efforts to help others on a news program when public opinion was divided on them. She had plans not only to rebuild, but to use her resources to build a better tomorrow.

She is later seen in Dubai, encountering the Power Rangers and asking for their help in retrieving two of her workers whose plane was lost in the Carpathian Mountains and shows them the location of Finster who may have been involved in the disappearance. After the Rangers rescue the pilots from Finster who held them captive for experiments, she offers the Power Rangers a chance to work with her and use her resources and guidance to help the world. The Red Ranger refuses as he doesn't want her people getting hurt and the Power Rangers are an independent organization, which she understands but says the offer is still valid if he or the others change their minds.

Later, she calls the Power Rangers outside the Command Center. Once they come out to ask her how she found them, she asks to talk to Zordon and says to Alpha 5 that it's been a while, she tells the Power Rangers how she knows about Zordon and Alpha 5 is because she was a Red Ranger in the past.

Red Ranger

In 1969, Zordon chose Grace to lead a team of Power Rangers on a mission to the moon to take care of one of Rita's minions, Psycho Green, who had been shot down by the Command Center in the 1800s and survived via suspended animation. Given the chance to go to the moon, Grace didn't hesitate to become a Power Ranger. Despite having the powers of the Red Ranger, she didn't get to use her sword but did have access to the Power Blaster.

Grace was one of two Rangers on her team to survive the mission alongside Terona Washington; her powers were subsequently returned to Zordon. She was succeeded as the Red Ranger decades later by Jason Lee Scott.


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