This article is about a/an henshin device in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.

The Gourai Changer (ゴウライチェンジャー Gōrai Chenjā) are the transformation devices of the Gouraigers, given them by their father to defend their academy. In keeping with the Gouraigers' insect motif, Ikkou's Gorai Changer is modelled after a Rhinoceros Beetle and Isshuu's after a Stag Beetle. To transform, the Goraigers call out "Jinrai Shinobi Change!" (迅雷・シノビチェンジ! Jinrai Shinobi Chenji!) and press the button on the rear of the Changers, opening the carapace of the Changers to expose their Shinobi Medals.

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  • The Gourai Changers are similar to the ZectersIcon-crosswiki which would later be used by the RidersIcon-crosswiki from Kamen Rider KabutoIcon-crosswiki, which are also modeled after the insects they are based on, Kamen Riders KabutoIcon-crosswiki and GatackIcon-crosswiki infact share the dominant color and beetle motifs of KabutoRaiger and KuwagaRaiger respectively.


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