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This article is about a/an transforming device/weapon in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

Gosei Tensword (ゴセイテンソード, Gosei Tensōdo): The Gosei Tensword enables the Goseigers to become the Super Goseigers. The dome on top of the staff holds their new Miracle Gosei Headders (ミラクルゴセイヘッダー, Mirakuru Gosei Heddā). When the Headder is set in the dome, the Goseigers announces "Super Tensou!" (超天装!, Chō Tensō!) as they lift them skyward, making the Tenswords announce "Super Change!" (スーパーチェンジ!, Sūpā Chenji) as the Goseigers transform into the Super Goseigers.

  • When used by the Skick Super Goseigers, its finishing attack is the "Super Sky Dynamic" (スーパースカイダイナミック, Sūpā Sukai Dainamikku).
  • When used by the Landick Super Goseigers, its finishing attack is the "Super Land Dynamic" (スーパーランドダイナミック, Sūpā Rando Dainamikku).
  • When used by Super Gosei Blue, its finishing attack is the "Super Sea Dynamic" (スーパーシーダイナミック, Sūpā Shī Dainamikku).

Super Tensword

Super Tensword

Super Tensword

Super Tensword (スーパーテンソード, Sūpā Tensōdo): The combination of the Gosei Tensword and the Tensouder. With it, The Super Goseigers can perform the Miracle Gosei Dynamic (ミラクルゴセイダイナミック, Mirakuru Gosei Dainamikku) finishing attack by placing the Miracle Gosei Dynamic Cards in the Tensouders. The Super Goseigers say "Punish!" in performing the finishing attack.

Super Goseiger

TSG-Super Goseiger

Super Goseiger

Miracle Gosei Headders


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