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This article is about a/an morpher in Power Rangers Megaforce and Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
Gosei Morpher
Super Megaforce]]
Used by: Mega Rangers
Produced by: Gosei
Special System: Power Cards
Production Order
Samurai Morpher
Robo Morpher

"It's Morphin Time Go Go Megaforce"
―Transformation call[src]
"Gosei told us the morphers would give us power. Let's use them! Follow my Lead!"
Troy Burrows[src]

The Gosei Morpher is the morphing device of the Mega Rangers. It is designed after Gosei's Earthly tiki form. The sound activates when Power Cards are inserted into a device when open, then the card's ability when closed. It can also summon various items when they use the Power Cards. The device will work if they shout "Activate!" The Gosei Morpher is voiced by Geoff Dolan, who also voices the team's mentor, Gosei.

In Super Megaforce, the Rangers continue to utilize this morpher, before using the Legendary gear. The power bestowed upon the Ranger using the Gosei Morpher is good, but not good enough to handle the mechanics of the XBorgs.

Morphing Sequence

The Mega Rangers call "It's Morphin' Time! Go Go Megaforce!" when to morph. Once the Power Card is inserted, the Gosei Morpher snaps shut and the morphing sequence begins. During the morphing sequence  they shout out their Ranger designations

Power Cards

Main article: Power Cards
The Power Cards are cards the Megaforce Rangers use to access a variety of powers. With the aid of special Power Cards, the teens are able to control the earth’s elements to use in their defense, and also give them access to amazing combat moves, hi-tech weapons, massive Zord vehicles and the ability to combine these Zords into gigantic Megazord robots to help them battle their enemies.[1] Each card holds a different power. Once the card is placed in the Gosei Morpher or the Robo Morpher, it will activate the effect of the card.

The Mega Rangers using the Gosei Morpher

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