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This article is about a/an plot device in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

The Precious of the Gordom Civilization are the two organs of the God's Destruction God Gordom, a massive ancient god who came from space to rule Earth. Alongside this "god", these organs functioned as power sources for the Gordom Civilization. It has been said that anyone who absorbs even one of these two organs will gain the power that makes them greater than a god. These Precious are the two key Precious connected to Arch Priest Gajah, the last remaining leader of the Gordom Civilization.

Heart of Gordom

The Heart of Gordom (ゴードムの心臓 Gōdomu no Shinzō?) is a very advanced energy system that, with the help of some water, is capable of making the Giant God Gōdom operational. It is known to be very tough to destroy, with Akashi blowing up all of the fakes immediately knowing it would survive due to the conditions it was already sealed under. It was sealed within an altar in the Gordom Temple, deep in the ocean. Akashi uses the search for the Precious to test new members Masumi Inou and Natsuki Mamiya on their potential as Boukenger members; but it ends up being reclaimed by the newly reanimated Gajah, who uses it to revive the Gordom God. The Boukengers destroyed Gordom and took the Heart into their care.

Due to its indestructable nature, the Heart was able to survive even the annihilation of the Precious Bank, allowing for Gajah to reclaim the heart and absorb it within himself. Although hoping to become the ultimate being with both the Heart and Brain, the Heart was enough for Gajah to transform to Gajahdom, a being more powerful than a god.

Brain of Gordom

The Brain of Gordom (ゴードムの脳髄 Gōdomu no Nōzui?), with the Heart of Gordom, is the Gordom's underwater energy system and weapon controller. It was found in another Gordom Temple in North America. It was sought by Ryuuwon, who used Gajah and his knowledge to claim the relic. Upon finding the Brain, Ryuuwon was sealed in stone by a Gordom trap Gajah refused to tell him about, but he broke out and defeated Gajah, only to be defeated by Satoru and driven off.

Afterwards, the Brain ultimately was stored away in a different location than the SGS Precious Bank, due to the value of the artifact as well as to prevent Gajah from ever taking it in case he got back the Heart. After Gajah finally reclaimed the Heart and absorbed it into himself, a mysterious girl in purple (later revealed to be the mastermind behind Mr. Voice) revealed that she was holding on to the Brain and was keeping it safe for them. After Gajah's final defeat and the resinking of Gordom Island, the Brain remained with the girl with no further Gordom threat at that time.

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