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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Good Karma, Bad Karma is the ninth episode of Power Rangers: Jungle Fury.


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Casey meets a young boy named Josh who wants to buy a red kite but only has a quarter and rubbish. Meanwhile Dai Shi uses his attacks on a cliffslide, unearthing a statue. Using a life talon Dai Shi impales Carnisoar's grave. Dai Shi swiftly tests the Sky Overlord's power. After his defeat Dai Shi pledges his allegiance to Carnisoar. Sky Overlord tells Jarrod they will visit his past to eliminate the remnants of good inside of him. Camille sends Slickagon to wipe out the city and make way for a new, more powerful Jarrod. Meanwhile Sky Lord and Dai Shi warp into past through a tornado. Here Jarrod sees himself at his Grammar School in the past not cheating on a test. Sky Lord hits young Jarrod with a blast of wind, changing the past to cheat on the test with his classmates. Dai Shi feels a stronger aura of evil surround him. At JKP Josh eyes an arcade machine which eats his quarter. Casey informs him the out of order sign fell and no 'refunds'. When Casey's back is turned to Josh he takes his $5 tip. This leads to a running montage through the city. When Casey catches him at the toy store. Casey tries to explain to Josh that the right way is not always the easy way. Meanwhile Slickagon is making the highways slippery. The Rangers show up but are clearly outmatched due to slickagons slippery body.



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