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"What are your orders, father?"

Goldenrod is a monster, antagonist in the episode Golden Boy in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Character History

Goldenrod was Zeltrax's son and was created from his DNA by accident when Zeltrax used the Geno-Randomizer on himself. There is no physical proof of the two being related besides this incident. Goldenrod was sent to take out Tommy Oliver, but proved unsuccessful after the other Power Rangers showed up to help their mentor. Zeltrax used the Geno-Randomizer to make Goldenrod stronger and the two attacked City Hall. He fought against the Power Rangers again and even grew to an enormous size, succeeding in taking down the Thundersaurus Megazord. Eventually, he was destroyed by the Black Dino Ranger's Brachio Staff, giving Zeltrax another reason to hate Tommy Oliver. After Zeltrax's destruction by the Power Rangers, it's implied that he and Goldenrod are reunited in the afterlife.


Goldenrod is a monster who obey to his father, even in destroy to Tommy Olliver.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman resistance: Goldenrod is very resistance to the attacks of the enemies.
  • Superhuman speed: Goldenrod can use his speed to reach a car, or 50 miles for hour.
  • Shoot energy rays: he can shoot energy rays that can explode.
  • Self-Grow: Goldenrod can grow without Hydro-Regenerator.


  • Knives in the forearms
  • Spear with double edge.

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