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This article is about a/an team cannon in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
Galeon Buster 1

GokaiGalleon Buster

The GokaiGalleon Buster (ゴーカイガレオンバスター Gōkai Gareon Basutā?) is a double-barreled bazooka-styled cannon in the shape of the GokaiGalleon. It is created by Don after tinkering with the Gokai Guns to use more than one Ranger Key per weapon. At first, he was only able to create the handle with two barrels and five Gokai Cylinders, but with Gai's suggestion and comparison with the Ohranger's Olé Bazooka, he uses the Greater Power of the Ohrangers and after turning all five keys, they transform it into the GokaiGalleon Buster.

In it's default state, the "sail" is down and the Gokai Cylinders on the "deck" is onto the side to resemble cannon ports. To access the finisher state, the black lever is pulled akin to a pump-action shotgun after Ranger Keys are inserted into the Cylinders, deploying the sail and Cylinders upward.

It can be used without the Keys, and as such, it has more power to it than all five Gokai Guns. After inserting five Ranger Keys into it, it is able to a fire an energy blast in the shape of the GokaiGalleon's prow, called Rising Strike (ライジングストライク Raijingu Sutoraiku?) that pierces the opponent. When first used, it is powered by the Gokaiger Ranger Keys.

On occasions where one of the core five are absent, their place using the GokaiGalleon Buster can be taken by Gokai Silver. As shown when Gokai Blue was fighting Barizorg, Gokai Silver took his place when the Gokaigers used the Buster on the Dogormin. Ep. 37: The Strongest Fighting Machine

It can recognize what kind of Key is inserted into the back Cylinder, as when the Gokai Red Ranger Key was inserted, it announces Red Charge (レッドチャージ Reddo Chāji?). A Pink Charge (ピンクチャージ Pinku Chāji?), Green Charge (グリーンチャージ Gurīn Chāji?) and Blue Charge (ブルーチャージ Burū Chāji?) have also been shown. If the Gokai Pink Key is used, the energy strike changes from yellow to hot pink. If the Gokai Green Key is used, the energy strike is changed from yellow to lime green. If the Gokai Blue Key is used, the energy strike is changed from yellow to dark blue. When the Gokai Silver Key is inserted, rather than the expected Silver Charge (シルバーチャージ Shirubā Chāji?), it announces Special Charge (スペシャルチャージ Supesharu Chāji?) and when fired, the energy strike changes from yellow to silver. 

During the cimax of the final battle with Zangyack Emperor Ackdos Gill, Gai managed to impale Ackdos with the bowsprit of the Galleon Buster before inserting his Gokai Silver Key to perform the Showy Wave (派手にウェーブ Hade ni Wēbu?) finisher, firing a Rising Strike at contact point range to finally kill the Zangyak Emperor. Final Ep.: Farewell Space Pirates

When using non-Super Sentai Keys in the GokaiGalleon Buster, it results in a unique finishing attack. With the Kamen Rider OOOIcon-crosswiki Keys, it announces Tajadol Charge (タジャドルチャージ Tajadoru Chāji?). With the Metal HeroIcon-crosswiki Keys, it announces Special Metal Charge (スペシャルメタルチャージ Supesharu Metaru Chāji?) and activates the Metallic Strike finisher.

Aside from it's variations on TV and in the movies, the toy reveals that indeed the Gokai Yellow key can be used for a Yellow Charge (イエローチャージ Ierō Chāji?). Should a non-Gokaiger key be used, the Buster would announce whatever charge it would be: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, and strangely Black. Any other color (including Silver) results in a Special Charge.

History and Usage

This section gives a list of the times the GokaiGalleon Buster has been used.

  • Back slot/Charge (which Gokaiger held the Buster and put their key in the back Cylinder):
  • Four slots (keys inserted in the other four slots from the back to the front of the GokaiGalleon Buster):
  • Target (who did this strike hit?):
  • Performance (how effective? was the target destroyed?):
  • Episode/Movie (when was this strike performed?):
  • Notes (any other details):
43 (1)
43 (2)
Gokaiger vs. Gavan
51/Finale (1)
51/Finale (2)
Super Hero Taisen
Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger
Super Hero Taisen Z

Ranger Keys by Charge

The Ranger Keys have different charges that activate the GokaiGalleon Buster. These are those of the six most common colors and the "Special Charge". While one can generally tell what color activates what color charge by seeing the key's bow, there are some variations, which occurs in the keys' teeth. Note however that prop keys used in-show usually have the Red Charge teeth.

The following list of charges are from merchandise and should not be taken as necessarily the same as in the series, as although even though only seven Ranger Keys, the six Gokaiger Ranger Keys and Tajadol Combo Key, have been inserted into the back of the Buster in the series, the latter which was used in Super Hero Taisen is a divergence, as it gives a unique "Tajadol Charge" rather than "Red Charge" which the toy version gives.









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