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This article is about a/an mecha and its components in Dai Sentai Goggle V.
Goggle Robo
Combined From:
  • Goggle Jet
  • Goggle Tank
  • Goggle Dump
Sentai Show: Dai Sentai Goggle V
First Appearance: Ep. 1: The Invasion of Dark Science
Last Appearance: Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Length: m
Width: m
Height: 55 m
Weight: 965 t
Speed: Mach 10
100 km/h
Power: 3,000,000
Voice Actor: Shinji Nakae

Goggle Robo (ゴーグルロボ Gōguru Robo) - A giant robot that is comprised of three giant vehicles that combine when the command "Go! Go! Change!" is given. Its main weapon is the Earth Sword (地球剣 Chikyū Ken) and it destroys monsters with its finishing attacks like the Electron Galaxy Cut (電子銀河切り Denshi Ginga Kiri) and the Electron Galaxy Missile (電子銀河ミサイル Denshi Ginga Misairu). Its other weapons are the Goggle Hand (ゴーグルハンド Gōguru Hando) and the Hand Missile (ハンドミサイル Hando Misairu), Goggle Top (ゴーグルベイ Gōguru Bei), Goggle Flash (ゴーグルフラッシュ Gōguru Furasshu), the Goggle Spin (ゴーグルスピン Gōguru Supin), the Goggle Thunder (ゴーグルサンダー Gōguru Sandā), the Goggle Robo Dai Tornado (ゴーグルロボ大竜巻 Gōgururobo Dai Tatsumaki). It also uses enhanced vision called the Eye Catch (アイキャッチ Aikyatchi)


Goggle Jet

Goggle Jet (ゴーグルジェット Gōguru Jetto) - Goggle Red's mecha. It is stored in the Goggle Container 1, with wings retracted. It forms the GoggleRobo's head and chest. It can shoot down Deathfighters, but Ken'ichi can also outmaneuver them. Since it is a jet, it can take off while the Gogglecaesar is in flight.

Appearances: Episodes 1-6, Movie, 7-50, 199 Hero Great Battle

Goggle Tank

Goggle Tank (ゴーグルタンク Gōguru Tanku) - GoggleBlue's mecha. It attacks with a retractable missile launcher. It forms the GoggleRobo's arms and back.

Appearances: Episodes 1-6, Movie, 7-50, 199 Hero Great Battle

Goggle Dump

Goggle Dump (ゴーグルダンプ Gōguru Danpu) - Goggle Yellow's mecha. It has a rectangular cavity in the back. It forms the GoggleRobo's legs.

Appearances: Episodes 1-6, Movie, 7-50, 199 Hero Great Battle

Later history

Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai

Goggle Robo, as one of the past Sentai Giant Robos, imbued Hyakujuu Gattai GaoKing with its power to defeat the giant Lost Highness Rakushaasa. Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai


When GokaiOh and Gosei Great faced the Black Cross Colossus, the mecha of the first 33 Super Sentai, including Goggle Robo which possibly manifested from a toy version like DaiDenzin and the Variblune, appeared to back them up. When the Black Cross Colossus summoned several giant villains to oppose them, Goggle Robo fought alongside Victory Robo and Sun Vulcan Robo to destroy Cleaning Minister Kireizky. After all the giant villains were destroyed, all 35 mecha weakened Black Cross Colossus with a combined attack before GokaiOh combined with the Variblune to become Goren GokaiOh which destroyed the Black Cross Colossus with the Gokai Hurricane: Cassiopeia finisher. With the battle won, the 33 past Super Sentai mecha vanished. Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle




Goggle Robo as depicted in the post-break Goggle V eyecatch.

  • Goggle Robo is the first three-piece mecha and the first mecha with three individuals controlling the mecha. (due to Goggle Black and Pink controlling Gogglecaesar) This foreshadows all teams with individual mecha (from Great Five) as well as the typical three-member mecha combination (starting from Live Robo)
  • This is one of the few mechs with individual components for Rangers that do not correspond with the Ranger's number: while Goggle Jet is in container 1 (which matches Akama's designation on the team), Goggle Tank is container 2 and piloted by Aoyama (who is 3 typically) while Goggle Dump is container 3 and piloted by Kijima (who is 4).


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