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This article is about a/an changer in Dai Sentai Goggle V.
Goggle Brace
Goggle V
Used by: Goggle V
Produced by: Dr. Hideki Hongo
Production Order
Vulcan Brace
Dyna Brace

Goggle Brace (ゴーグルブレス Gōguru Buresu): The Goggle-V's transformation device. To transform, they call their name (the team name if the whole team; individual names for individual members). The activation of the brace summons the Goggle Suit for usage which surrounds the user with the energy of their gemstone on the helmet; if not authorized to use it, the energy will merely shock the user as what happens to a Spotman after trying to use Goggle Yellow's brace. Ep. 12: The Sandpit Which Emerged from a Lie

The braces are individualized by number (similar to the number of "lines" requires to make the shapes of their gemstones) as well as an LED light that glows in the color of their gemstone.

The braces themselves do not contain either the Goggle Suit or the powers of Goggle V; they are merely communication devices and relays for retrieving the Goggle Suit. The brace can be destroyed but it will not lead to a loss of power, merely inconvenience the user and prevent them from using any of their powers of Goggle V until they receive another brace. Ep. 29: Terror of the Sleeping Quarter

Transformation Sequence


  • The Goggle Brace is the first Transformation device sold as a toy; thus possibly explaining its simpler design (being merely a wrist-watch like object with a faceplate) compared to the more ornate Vulcan Brace of the previous season.