This article is about a/an changer in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.
"GoGo Changer, Start up!"
―transformation call[src]

GoGo Changer (ゴーゴーチェンジャー Gōgō Chenjā): BoukenSilver's transformation brace. Eiji shouts the henshin call "GoGo Changer, START UP!!" (later replaced by "Boukenger, START UP!!")  when using it. Like the Accellulars, the GoGo Changer can summon GoGo Vehicles 1-10, but only Bouken Silver can summon 11-13. Since it is too small for numbered buttons (only having the Launch and Combination Shift buttons), it has an LCD which displays the number of a particular GoGo Vehicle. BoukenSilver turns a dial to a particular number (the selection process always starts with No. 11-13), and then presses the button inside the dial to summon or combine.

The GoGo Vehicles must be launched one at a time. Accordingly, GoGo Vehicles 4-10, which can combine with GoGo Fire, must be combined one at a time.

  • 11: GoGo Fire ("Fire! Go! GO!")
  • 12: GoGo Aider ("Aider! Go! GO!")
  • 13: GoGo Police ("Police! Go! GO!"/"Siren Formation!")
  • 01: GoGo Dump ("Dump! Go! GO!")
  • 02: GoGo Formula ("Formula! Go! GO!")
  • 03: GoGo Gyro ("Gyro! Go! GO!")
  • 04: GoGo Dozer ("Dozer! Go! GO!"/"Dozer! Power On!")
  • 05: GoGo Marine (Diver) ("Marine! Go! GO!"/"Marine! Power On!")
  • 06: GoGo Drill ("Drill! Go! GO!"/"Drill! Power On!")
  • 07: GoGo Shovel ("Shovel! Go! GO!"/"Shovel! Power On!")
  • 08: GoGo Mixer ("Mixer! Go! GO!"/"Mixer! Power On!")
  • 09: GoGo Crane ("Crane! Go! GO!"/"Crane! Power On!")
  • 10: GoGo Jet ("Jet! Go! GO!"/"Jet! Power On!")
  • Enter: Transform and Go Go Vehicle-related commands
  • Dial: Selects Go Go Vehicle
  • Robot: Initiates a Combination Shift
  • GO!: Initiates a Launch Shift


  • GO! + 11 + 12 + 13 = Launches Bouken Silver's personal GoGo Vehicles. (Hasshin Shift On! Fire! Aider! Police! Go! GO!)
  • Robot + 11 + 12 + 13 = Initiates Siren Builder formation. (Gattai Shift On! Fire! Aider! Police! Siren Formation!)
  • Robot + 06 + 07 = Trades the arms of Siren Builder and Ultimate DaiBouken. (Gattai Shift On! Drill! Shovel! Drill Shovel Power On!)
  • Robot + 06 + 08 = Initiates Siren Builder's Drill and Mixer Armament (Gattai Shift On! Drill! Mixer! Drill Mixer Power On!)
  • Robot + 04 + 05 = Trades the arms of Siren Builder and DaiBouken. (Gattai Shift On! Dozer! Marine! Dozer Marine Power On!)

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