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This article is about a/an monster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

"Once the Power Rangers hear my magic tune, they'll be totally in my power."
―Gnarly Gnome[src]

The Gnarly Gnome is a monster created by Finster. He could control people with his music, which he played with his magical accordion. He also wielded a rake as a weapon.

He held the friends of Kimberly's deaf friend Melissa as hostages in a cave and made them dance uncontrollably with his music. Melissa led Kimberly and the others to the cave, and Kimberly had Melissa take cover, thereby preventing her from seeing her and her friends morph into the Rangers. The Rangers took on Gnarly Gnome and obliterated him with the Power Blaster, but then Rita made him grow. During the Megazord battle, Gnarly Gnome first used his rake, but the Dino Megazord soon took it away and used it against him. Gnarly Gnome then used his accordion to confuse the Megazord and cause the Rangers to see illusions of a city in the empty battlefield, and to hallucinate Gnarly Gnome as a city building, and then a rolling boulder. The Megazord knocked the accordion away, putting a stop to the gnome's music, and then defeated him with the Power Sword.

Gnarly Gnome was also the second boss in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Super NES game. He was also the first monster to also appear in US footage.



  • Gnarly Gnome's necklace was later used as a component for one of the Plague Patrol members.

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