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This article is about a/an song in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

Ginga no Ouja Gingaioh is the Insert Theme for GingaiOh, notably used in Chapter 7: The Time of Revival, Chapter 10: The Flute of the Wind, Chapter 16: The Homeland of the Heart, Chapter 18: The Mysterious Black Knight, Chapter 24: The Tenacity of Budou, and Chapter 32: The Mobile Horse of Friendship.

  • Lyricist = Arakawa Hirohisa
  • Composer / Arranger = Sahashi Toshihiko
  • Chorus = EVE
  • Singer = Miyauchi Takayuki

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Daichi gekishin! Satazo Seijū
Yasei bakuhatsu! Daitensei da
Uchū no shinhi! Mitatsukete
Ginseijū wa tsuyoku naru
Seigi no tame ni Motto motto
Hateshinaku Moeagaru Seijū Gattai!

  • Gingai-Ō! Subete no inochi no tame

Gingai-Ō! Kiseki wo umu yūsha
Hiroi ginga ni teki nado inai
Kimero hissatsu Garukon Bōgan!
Ginga no Ōja Gingai-Ō!

Uchū saikyō! Unaru zo kyotai
Chikara bakuretsu! Daikessen da
Seinaru shimei hatasu tame
Ginseijū wa tsuyoku naru
Yūki wa daite! Atsuku atsuku

Doko made mo! Dakushinda Seijū Gattai!
Gingai-Ō! Itsuka heiwa no hi made
Gingai-Ō! Kachitsuzukeru yūshi

Narabu monomaki yajū yo hoero
Ikuzo todome no Garukon Bōgan!
Ginga no Ōja Gingai-Ō!

  • Repeat

The fierce god of the earth! Satazo Seijuu
Is wild and explosive! Daitensei
The newly discovered universal Shinhi
In order to bring justice
Focus on becoming more and more stronger
Unite! The burning Starbeast!

Gingaioo! In order to bring all life
Gingaioo! Give birth to a miracelous hero
In this vast universe filled with enemies
Use the sure kill Garkan Bowgun!
The king of the universe Gingaioo!

The world gives a shout!
This scared mission will be accomplished
In an explosive battle!
With your fiery, burning courage
You will become stronger Gingeijuu!

Until then Unite StarBeast Dakushinda!
Gingaioo! Carry the light of peace
Gingaioo! Heroes continue to be victorious

With a roar of a wild animal
Go and stop them with your Garkcn Bowgun
The king of the universe Gingaioo!


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