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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Super Samurai.
"Stinking! What you smell is my new unbeatable power"

Gigertox is a Nighlok sent by Octoroo to cause enough fear to awaken Master Xandred. Octoroo gave up his second life to Gigertox, which prevented him from enlarging into Mega Monster form, after being destroyed. Gigertox now had more time to gather more fear, which would help Master Xandred to rise sooner. Gigertox was defeated as a Mega Monster and awakened a 3rd life as an serpent of dark mist. Though Gigertox failed, Octoroo's plan didn't, as Master Xandred did resurrect sooner from Gigertox's lengthy efforts.

Shinken Oborojime-3rdLife

Gigertox's third life

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