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This article is about a/an array of monsters in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

Giant Battle Pseudo-Lifeforms (巨大戦闘擬似生命体 Kyodai Sentō Giji Seimeitai) are giants produced by Sally and created by the Zangyack. Each Pseudo-Lifeforms model is named after a different element.

  • Liquidroid Wateru (リキッドロイド ワテル Rikiddoroido Wateru): A blue colored liquid-based giant produced after Basco loses his remaining sixth hero Ranger Keys to the Gokaigers. It has a flexible body and stretching arms while using electricity-based attacks. Destroyed by Shinken GokaiOh.
  • Moonroid Tsukki (ムーンロイド ツッキー Mūnroido Tsukkī): A gold colored rock-based giant produced after his summoned Rangers are defeated by the Gokaigers. It has a rock hard body and uses moon-based attacks. Destroyed by Shinken GokaiOh.
  • Fireroid Meran (ファイヤーロイド メラン Faiyāroido Meran): A red colored fire-based giant produced after Basco's summoned warriors are defeated by the Gokaigers in his attempt to get the GoGoFive's greater power failed. It is able to absorb fire attacks to power up its attacks. After being weakened by GokaiOh, Meran is destroyed by GoZyuJin.
  • Soilroid Dororin (ソイルロイド ドロリン Soiruroido Dororin): A brown colored earth-based giant produced alongside Woodroid Moririn after Basco fails to acquire the Megarangers' greater power. It is able to trap its opponents into a large pile of soil. Both Dororin and Moririn are destroyed by Kanzen GokaiOh.
  • Woodroid Moririn (ウッドロイド モリリン Uddoroido Moririn): A green colored plant-based giant produced alongside Soilroid Dororin after Basco fails to acquire the Megarangers' greater power. It is able to extend its Entangling Vine (唐魔蔦 Karamatsuta) arms and entangle its opponents with them. Both Moririn and Dororin are destroyed by Kanzen GokaiOh.
  • Goldroid Geronpa (ゴールドロイド ゲロンパ Gōrudoroido Geronpa): A gold-based giant that can spread gold dust to temporarily paralyze foes, destroyed alongside Solar by Kanzen GokaiOh.
  • Sunroid Solar (サンロイド ソーラー Sanroido Sōrā): A sun-based giant able to shoot giant sun-like fireballs. With the Goldroid, it can perform the Combination Tornado Dazzling Attack (合体竜巻眩惑アタック Gattai Tatsumaki Genwaku Atakku). Destroyed alongside Geronpa by Kanzen GokaiOh.

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