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"Batlings, we waited a long time for this. Destroy them!"
―Ghouligan when he arrives in town with a group of Batlings.

Ghouligan is a fire demon who serves as the primary villain of the pilot episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue "Operation Lightspeed". He is the first monster the Lightspeed Rangers faced.


Ghouligan is a fire demon. He was sent by Diabolico to destroy Mariner Bay. He first appeared in burning building, when Carter Grayson rescued young girl in the building.

Later Ghouligan attacked Mariner Bay with army of Batlings and encountered the rangers. While Chad, Joel, Kelsey and Dana tried to battle the Batlings, Carter fighted with Ghouligan, but the demon easily defeated him. The Rangers morphed into Lightspeed Rangers for the first time and easily defeated all Ghouligan's batlings. Together Rangers quickly defeated Ghouligan, and he was destroyed by the Ranger's Rescue Blasters. Operation Lightspeed

In "The Fate of Lightspeed" Pt. 2, Ghouligan was seen in the Shadow World.


Ghouligan was a ruthless, aggressive, destructive, violent and wicked demon. He enjoys causing havoc and destruction in Mariner Bay. He is very arrogant, stubborn and naive, because he thought the Rangers can't defeat him, and it caused his defeat. He is also cowardly. It is revealed because he screamed from pain before exploding.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fireballs: Ghouligan can shoot fireballs from his hands.
  • Mega Flame: By charging up energy from both of his hands, Ghouligan can shoot a huge burst of fire at his enemies.


  • Claws: While lacking weapons, he makes up for it by having clawed hands to aid him in combat.


Behind the Scenes