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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Ghost of a Chance is the thirteen and fourteen (or two-parter) episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury. The second part of these episodes marks the debut of the season's power-up, Jungle Master Mode and the Jungle Master Megazord.


Part I

After another victorious battle against Camille's monsters, the Rangers feel they are unstoppable especially with their new weapons and zords. RJ warns them about being overconfident and tells them to train on their basic stances, however the Rangers feel insulted at being asked to do something they now consider to be easy. Dai Shi emerges after reaching his next level of power and demands a fight with the Rangers. The Rangers are easily defeated. RJ steps in and offers his life to spare his students'. Dai Shi accepts and takes RJ away, leaving the Rangers without a master. With nowhere else to turn, the Rangers return to Pai Zhuq where Master Mao informs them they may be able to get the power to save RJ and fight Dai Shi but only if they journey to the spirit world and find the three masters who reside there. The Rangers agree, and are transported. 

Part II

The Rangers meet with Masters Rilla, Guin and Lope who challenge the Rangers to face their fears in order to gain the power they need to save RJ, while Dai Shi prepares a battle arena where he will fight RJ to the death. Meanwhile, left alone at Jungle Karma Pizza, Fran accidentally stumbles upon her friends' big secret.


Part 1

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Part 2

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  • First appearance of Master Mao since the season premiere.
  • Master Guin is the first, and only, female master any of the Rangers train with and by appearance seems to be the youngest master aside from possibly RJ. This also marks Michelle Langston's return to Power Rangers since playing Kat in SPD.
  • The Rangers are faced with individual fears as tests by the three ancient masters. We see Lily is afraid of spiders, Theo suffers from a form of stage fright when forced to sing, and Casey relives the fear of a monster in his closet as a child, a fear he learns is all in his imagination as he was never brave enough to open the door. For the most part these fears should be no susprise as Casey seems to be afraid of being seen as a "cub" and thus falls victim to childlike insecurity and past episodes have explored Theo's insecurity with imperfection. This is however the first and only real time we see Lily's fear of spiders some into play as a spider beast is not seen in the show and Lily's character development seems to focus more on her insecurities with being too nice and understanding, something she actually uses to her advantage in her test when she finds the spider to be more cute than frightening.
  • Fran finally learns that Casey, Lily, and Theo are Power Rangers in Part 2.
  • RJ's quip at the end about someone eating his chips, watching his TV, and sitting in his chair is a slight reference to the classic childrens tale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".

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