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Genjuken (幻獣拳, Genjūken, "Mythical Beast-Fist") is a group of martial artists which succeeded the Rinjuken Akugata. Utilizing a golden qi called Genki (幻気(げんき), "Mythical Qi"), Genjuken users seek to surpass the power of natural beasts by mastering the power of mythical beasts, with thirteen fighting styles based on the Five Sacred Beasts and the Chinese Zodiac. Overtime, the Genjuken style is revealed to be a front for Long to raise a potential human though the Infinite Path (無限道, Mugendō), turning that person into a mindless monster that would destroy the world.


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Sanyo (サンヨ, San'yo): Long's right hand man, having power over mass and gravity due to his mastery over the Genju Basilisk-Fist (幻獣バジリスク拳, Genjū Bajirisukuken) style.




Suugu (スウグ, Sūgu): The master of the Genju Chimera-Fist (幻獣キメラ拳, Genjū Kimeraken) who is originally sealed in a coffin until Mele and Rio awaken as members of Genjuken. His fighting style is an amalgam of various animals, including a white tiger, thus blending the Gekijuken and Rinjuken styles.


Each Genshou has Two Genshi (双幻士, Sōgenshi) apprentices who support their leader.

Common Gengi

  • Mystic Body Overpowering Heavenly Change (幻身豪天変, Genshin Gōten Hen): Enlargement Gengi.
  • Mystic Release (幻開放, Genkaihō): Exposes master's Genki in its entirety.


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Gouyu (ゴウユ, Gōyu, 37-45): Sanyo's Genshi, a master of the Genju Cetus-Fist (幻獣ケイトス拳, Genjū Keitosuken) style which uses sound-based attacks, thus using small talk while fighting an opponent to effectively use his power. He is the first Genjuken user the Gekirangers face. He nearly defeats Beast-Fist Giant God SaiDaiOh, Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja Wolf, and Herculean Giant GekiFire until GekiElephantFire begins to damage him, although he survives the fight with them thanks to Sanyo's aid, who easily defeats Gekiranger's mechas. He appears again to fight Gou Fukami to protect Rio from him, only to be instantly destroyed in mere seconds by Gou using the Heaven and Earth Disaster Strike. His name is based on Hé Yŭ (合窳) of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Boar of the Earthly Branches. Was used for "Sonimax" in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Cetus Gengi

  • Thunder-Boom Wave (拷雷震, Gōraishin)


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Shiyuu (シユウ, Shiyū, 37-38): One of Sanyo's Genshi, a master of the Genju Minotaur-Fist (幻獣ミノタウロス拳, Genjū Minotaurosuken), style that relies on the power of mirrors. He uses his Mythical Reflection Mirror (幻射鏡, Genshakyō) armor to perform his mirror-Gengi, using it on Retsu Fukami to infiltrate the Gekirangers. But Gou is not easily fooled and saves his brother from being trapped in the Mirror World. Shiyuu is wounded by GekiBatTohja Wolf before SaiDaiOh lands the deathblow. Shiyuu uses mirrors for his attacks but ironically hates to be imitated, leading him to use strange words so it is harder to emulate him. His name is based on Chī Yóu (蚩尤), and motif is the Ox of the Earthly Branches. Was used for "Dynamir" in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Minotaur Gengi

  • Turn Reversal (転身反, Tenshinhan): allows user to use a person's reflection to create a clone of himself that can assume the form of his target. The reflection-clones' existence depend on the target remaining trapped in the mirror world.


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Haku (ハク, Haku, 39): One of Mele's Genshi, a master of the Genju Unicorn-Fist (幻獣ユニコーン拳, Genjū Yunikōnken) style that gives total control of the mind of its victims. Haku uses two arm-blades and fighting in the style of a wild mustang. Prior to being introduced to Mele, Haku uses his Gengi to control children easily taken by it. Having them go to his Unicorn Palace, Haku intended to have them amplify his Gengi's affects worldwide to gather the despair of devastated parents. But actions of involving children, especially Natsume Masaki, made it personal to Miki Masaki as she personally destroys Haku in SaiDaiOh. Despite his cowardly techniques, Haku speaks and acts like a medieval knight. His name is based on Bó (駮) of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Horse of the Earthly Branches. Was used for "Unidoom" in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Unicorn Gengi

  • Mythical Invitation-Wave (夢幻招来波, Mugen Shōraiha): allows Haku to take control of children with the horn on his shoulder armor
  • Great Sharp-Horn Spin (大鋭角断, Dai Eikakudan)
  • Mystic Force Strong-Excelling Wave (幻力豪豪波, Genriki Gōgōha)


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Hiso (ヒソ, Hiso, 39-46): One of Mele's Genshi, a mistress of the Genju Pixie-Fist (幻獣ピクシー拳, Genjū Pikushīken) whose style uses blades. Though Mele's apprentice, which she referred as an honor, her true loyalty lies with Long, by aiding him with a vain attempt to keep the others away from him and Rio. But she ends up being destroyed by the entire GekiBeast group. Her name is based on Fēi Shŭ (飛鼠) of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Rabbit of the Earthly Branches. Was used for "Lepus" in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Pixie Gengi

  • True Sword Soaring Dance (真剣翔舞, Shinken Shōbu)
  • Thrust Sword Absorb (突剣呑, Tsukken Don)


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Dorou (ドロウ, Dorō, 41-42): Long's Genshi, a master of the Genju Capricorn-Fist (幻獣カプリコーン拳, Genjū Kapurikōnken) style which revolves on Chinese alchemy and twist attacks that alter energy currents. Because of the long times he spends in his cave, Dorou is unable to correctly interact with others (with the exception of Sojo) and has developed a rather eccentric personality, frequently using 2chan expressions and words. He managed to create Dorou Grains for Sojo to use to transfer people into his gourds for the Scream Program, making their victims scream to increase Mythical Ki. He was killed by the GekiBeasts. His name is based on Tŭ Lóu (土螻) of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Goat of the Earthly Branches. Was used for "Rammer" in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Capricorn Gengi

  • Instant Write-Call (即書呼, Sokukakiko): Used to make caculations
  • Training Horse Spin (練馬繰, Nerimakuri): Disarming attack
  • Training Horse Spin: Pain (練馬繰・痛, Nerimakuri Tsū)
  • Full-Body Training Horse Spin (全身練馬繰, Zenshin Nerimakuri): Combo


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Sojo (ソジョ, Sojo, 41-42): One of Long's Genshi, a master of the Genju Afanc-Fist (幻獣アーヴァンク拳, Genjū Āvankuken) style which uses lightning and spin attacks and has energy absorbing abilities, Sojo is the hyperactive aid of Dorou. Sojo, just like Dorou, has become unable to interact with others because of his reclusion, and speaks in short childish words, however, he can communicate perfectly with Dorou. After being sent to attack the city, purposely allowed himself to be attacked by the Gekirangers with his teeth sucking up the Fierce Ki and Violet Ki for Dorou to create his Dorou Grains. Though he survived the GekiBeasts' attack, Sojo was killed by SaiDaiGekiTohja. His name is based on Jū Rú (狙如) of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Rat of the Earthly Branches. Was used for "Badrat" in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Afanc Gengi

  • Ready Separate Beauty Advantage (備離美利, Biribiri): Lightning attack
  • Implement Style Risk Halt (具流虞留, Guruguru): spin attack
  • Strikeless Descend Illusion (打無堕夢, Damudamu): Illision
  • Full-Body Training Horse Spin (全身練馬繰, Zenshin Nerimakuri): Combo
  • Implement Style Risk Halt Ready Separate Beauty Advantage (具流虞留備離美利, Guruguru Biribiri): Lightning/spin attack.


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Shuen (シュエン, Shuen, 43): One of Suguu's Genshi, a maniacal prankster who mastered the Genju Hanuman-Fist (幻獣ハヌマーン拳, Genjū Hanumānken) style which uses a Bōjutsu fighting style and various Gengi in homage to Sun Wukong, one of which is cloning Gengi move. Because of his mischievous personality, there are sometimes in which Shuen himself doesn't distinguish between himself and his clones. He was sent to cause mayhem with his clone Gengi on Christmas Eve to gather screams until the Gekirangers' interference caused him to withdraw via arson and encounter Ken Hisatsu, who took the Phantom's attempt to ruin the holidays personal and defeated him. But Shuen enlarges and was frozen solid by SaiDaiOh before SaiDaiGekiFire delivered the deathblow. His name is based on Zhū Yàn (朱厭) of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Monkey of the Earthly Branches. Was used for "Grinder" in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Hanuman Gengi

  • Wild-Hair Clone Change (毛猛分身変, Mōmō Bunshin Hen): Allows user to use strands of hair to create a limitless number of clones
  • Great Ape Game (大猿回, Daienkai): Gives user great speed to avoid attacks.
  • Indian Spin (天軸転, Tenjikuten): Uses staff
  • Explosive Flame Saiyūki (爆炎彩遊鬼, Bakuen Saiyūki): Uses staff


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Kou (コウ, Kō, 43-44): One of Suugu's Genshi, a serious master of the Genju Cerberus-Fist (幻獣ケルベロス拳, Genjū Keruberosuken) style. He uses chakram shock collars in his Gengi, each as powerful as a Rinrinshi. He shows a grudge towards Mele when he was introduced since she killed his older brother Braco, but is more interested in proving that he is Genshou material, being just as ambitious as his brother. On Mele's suggestion, Kou uses his powers to cause fear among the people. He battled GekiChopper, GekiBlue, and GekiYellow, and was defeated by them before being killed by SaiDaiOh. His name is based on Jiǎo (狡) of the Shan Hai Jing, and motif is the Dog of the Earthly Branches. Was used for "Osiris" in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Cerberus Gengi

  • Rapid Foolish Flow (迅愚流, Jinguru)

Behind the scenes

The Genjuken serves as the evil organization in the last quarter of the 31st Super Sentai Series entry Juken Sentai Gekiranger (2008-09).


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