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"Gekiwaza: Come-Come Beast! GekiShark!"
"Gekiwaza: Great Brave-Brave Beasts! GekiShark!"

GekiShark (ゲキシャーク, GekiShāku) is GekiRed's Legendary GekiBeast that he obtains from mastering the Shark-Fist Style. It possesses immense strength and power with which it uses to smash through opponents.  GekiShark can combine with Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja to become GekiSharkTohja (ゲキシャークトージャ, GekiShākutōja) or with Herculean Giant GekiFire to form GekiSharkFire (ゲキシャークファイヤー, GekiShākuFaiyā), providing blade weapons similar to the GekiSabers and sleek armor that allows either Gekitohja or GekiFire to perform in underwater environments with ease.



"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Armament! GekiSharkTohja, burning up!"

The GekiShark combines with the GekiTohja to provide top-body armor that allows it to do a drilling attack on its opponent.


"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Armament! GekiSharkFire, burning up!"

Combining with Gekifire, GekiShark forms GekiSharkFire, allowing GekiFire to perform slashing attacks.

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