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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

The Gargoyle Of The Gates is a massive staff welding Gargoyle-like beast and is one of the many monster's of the Underworld, it is also the final monster to be summon by Morticon.

Character History

After the Gates to the Underworld were brought to the surface, this Gargoyle-like creature was unleashed on the city of Briarwood. The Rangers jumped into action and formed the Titan Megazord to battle it. However, the monster was too fast and powerful for the Rangers, and managed to send the Megazord into the Gates, thus cracking them and unleashing Morticon. The Rangers were outnumbered, and defeated. But they quickly regrouped and continued fighting. While Nick went to rescue Clare, the Green, Yellow, Pink and Blue Rangers morphed into their Mystic Titan Forms. They formed the Titan Megazord Dragon Formation and were able to destroy the Gargoyle with the Dragon's Fire Blast.


Gargoyle of the Gates is a feral beast that only speaks in roars and growls.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: The Gargoyle of the Gates is a lot stronger compare to previous monsters.
  • Eye Blast: The Gargoyle of the Gates can fire an invisible force from it's eye's.
  • Speed: The Gargoyle of the Gates is very fast and can easily avoid the Titan Megazord attacks.
  • Teleportation: The Gargoyle of the Gates can teleport at any location.


  • Gargoyle Staff: The Gargoyle of the Gates is armed with a huge staff for melee combat.
    • Lighting Beam: The Gargoyle of the Gates fire red lighting beams from it's staff.
    • Energy Blast: The Gargoyle of the Gates can also fire a red energy blast from his staff.

Behind the Scenes


  • to be added


  • Despite having wings behind his back, the Gargoyle of the Gates is never seen flying.
  • The Gargoyle of the Gates is the third monster to be seen in a giant form, the first is the Dark Troll, the second is the Giant Spider.

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