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Galvanax Rises is the twentieth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and the second and final part of the two-part series finale. Excluding the epilogue Christmas special episode “Past, Present, and Future”, it is the season finale of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. This episode marks the return of Dane Romero in the present day, the first appearance of two variations of Red Rangers regular form for both Dane and Mick respectively, and the final appearance of Galvanax.


The final battle begins as Galvanax unleashes his devastating attack.At the end the rangers lose their powers .[4].


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Ninja Power Stars

3 Red Rangers

The 3 Red Rangers.


  • The Warrior Dome appears to be facing the wrong direction (Away from Earth) as it is revealed that Madame Odius survived the asteroid crashing into it. The asteroid should be facing the direction of Earth instead. It will be normal when the asteroid strikes it, the Warrior Dome is sent waltzed into space.
  • Even though Madame Odius was outside the ship when the asteroid hit, somehow, she ends up inside of the ship. She should have fallen off instead.
  • Despite all of the Ninja Stars being stolen in the previous episode, certain shots of the Red Ninja Steel Ranger has his Zord Star and Element Star on his belt.
  • When Galvanax was using the magnet to steal Hayley and Levi’s stars, he said “two more to go”, but he still had to get Brody’s star next, meaning there was three left.
  • The Rangers Zord, Element, and Storm stars were shown on the rangers belts through out the episode despite Galvanax having them.
  • Akihiro “Yuji” Noguchi was incorrectly credited as the “2nd Unit Director 2nd Unit Director”. 
  • For some reason the Mega Magnet was unable to rip the power stars from the rangers and pull Galvanax up to the ship despite being far stronger than the original magnet. Possibly, because Galvanax was in front of the Rangers and served them inadvertenly as a shield and his armor prevented for a time to pull the Ninja Steel that he drunk.


  • We learn in this episode that the yellow button's function of Cosmo's stage machine is to send someone to Earth when Victor and Monty use it to escape from the Warrior Dome Ship.
  • The Ranger's Ninja Power Stars turn to dust after the Rangers and the Ninja Nexus Prism defeated Galvanax.
  • Madame Odius survives the fight against the Rangers and becomes the new champion of Galaxy Warriors.
  • This episode was originally titled "Galvanax Attacks".
  • Events corresponding with those seen in this episode, specifically Dane and Mick's morphs and the defeat of Galvanax, are acknowledged as also occuring in the Boom! Studios comic continuity. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

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