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This article is about a/an villain in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

Galactic Super Beast Vulgyre (銀河超獣バルガイヤー Gingachōjū Barugaiyā)is the true ruler of Zone. Pretending to be the Zone headquarters, the Galactic Ship Vulgyre (銀河戦艦バルガイヤー Ginga Senkan Barugaiyā), Vulgyre gave orders to Zone under the "Ōkubi" persona of Empress Meadow, a woman he had once been in love with, only to kill for refusing him.

Vulgyre had been traveling the galaxy in order to destroy a total of 1,000 stars. When the thousandth star was destroyed, he would obtain eternal life and become "God" of the Milky Way. When Five Red revealed the truth, Vulgyre went on the offensive on the city until he is exposed to New Town School's Sidon flowers and crashes into the mountainside where he confirms his identity.

From there, Vulgyre forcefully combines Doldora and Zaza to destroy the Earth-grown Sidon flowers. Believing the one thing that can kill him is gone, Vulgyre reveals to the rest of Zone that he would be undergoing his "Galactic Eclosion", in which he would become "Super Galactic Beast" and that he needed a "final energy" in order to complete this.

It is first thought that it is the deaths of the Fiveman but the truth was uncovered after FiveRed defeated Chevalier: Vulgyre coveted the energy of Chevalier's death, and not Fiveman's, in order to begin his metamorphosis, explaining that Chevalier had committed multiple murders across the galaxy and his soul would be full with the blood of his victims, the source of the "last energy", resulting in the disturbing revelation that he had deceived Chevalier from the very beginning. After hatching, he destroyed the Magma Base with remarkable ease.

The Sidon Flowers are his weakness as they are the first sprout of new life in the very first planet he destroyed, using them the Fivemen weakened him and was ultimately destroyed by the Super Five Robo in the finale.

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