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Gakko, master of the Gecko fighting style, is the second of the Five Fingers of Poison to try and take out the rangers by himself. He has all the powers of gecko, such as regrowing lost limbs, and sticking to walls. He believes that all great warriors can only fight on the side of a building. After toying with the rangers, and taking away Theo's confidence as a bonus, Dai Shi ordered him to take out the rangers the next time he battled with them. To Gakko's surprise, Theo showed up after regaining his confidence and defeated him at his own game. And he, just like Rantipede, was defeated by the Jungle Pride Megazord's Savage Spin.

He was later revived by Naja along with Rantipede to overthrow Dai Shi, but fled after Rantipede was destroyed by their vengeful master. Gakko was destroyed again by the Rangers when he attempted to gather fear to gain enough power to escape Dai Shi's wrath. He and his two fellow would-be assassins were later revived again for the final battle with the Order of the Claw, but fell in battle with Robert James.

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