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"We are... Gajah Dengekitai!"

Gaja Dengekitai

Gaja Dengekitai.

Gajah Dengekitai (Gajah Blitzkrieg Squad) is an Evil Sentai Team created by Gaja. This team did not appear in the series itself, only in the Boukenger's 30 Sentai Encyclopedia Evil Sentai entry. After the Boukengers demonstrate several evil Sentai, Gajah appears and shows off his own Sentai. Gajah himself is the leader(Big One), while colored Karths make up the rest of the team.
The team is a parody of J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai and of Evil sentai in general.


Red Red Karth
Blue Blue Karth
Pink Pink Karth
Green Green Karth
Big One Gaja

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