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Gabu is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A green, eyeless alien who accompanies Adjutant Booba during the initial attack of the Gozma on Earth. He possesses a protrusion inside it's mouth with a small mouth attached to it (similar to the Xenomorph of the Alien franchise) as well as several tentacles that emerge from it's shoulders to attack likewise with mouths. It can also create spit-like projectiles to attack from far. Initially destroyed by the Power Bazooka, then destroyed permanently by Change Robo after being rebuilt and grown by Gyodai.Ep. 1: Arrival! Secret Power!


Not much is known about Gabu's personality, but he seems confident in his powers and thought he could defeat the Changemen.

Modus and Arsenal



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Behind the Scenes

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