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This article is about a/an episode in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

Devilish Woman (悪魔ナオンナ Akuma na Onna) is the thirty-fourth episode of Engine Sentai Go-Onger.


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Refusing to give up his dream, Yogostein takes his leave to find the Horonderthal personally while Kitaneidas sends Heater Banki to put the city in a heatwave incognito. Gunpei, taking a taxi only to be thrown aside by a beautiful woman, notices Heater Banki and pursues him as the other male Go-Ongers arrive. Even with the Go-On Wings’ help, they are no match for the Savage Machine Beast's fiery attacks as Heater Banki runs off to hide off. Suddenly, the woman who took Gunpei's taxi returns with all the guys but Gunpei fawning over her, with Saki revealing her to be her older sister, Sanae. Saki reveals to Gunpei all of the nasty things Sanae did to her when they were younger and he takes Sanae to convince her to redeem herself as the older sister as a favor to drive her away for Saki. However, Sanae reveals she came to Tokyo to apologize to Saki for all the nasty things she had done to her. Seeing that Gunpei has a positive effect on her sister, Saki sets him up with Sanae as the other Go-Ongers look for Heater Banki, who is making his way towards the gas tanks to blow up the city. When Go-On Red, Blue, and Green are unable to handle him alone, Saki and Gunpei leave Sanae with the keys to the Ginjiro-go to get the RV out of harm's way as they arrive to help. After being frozen by the Go-On Wings, Heater Banki Industrial Revolutionizes as Engine-Oh G9 attempts to keep him from overheating the gas tanks before collapsing from being overheated. The tables turn as Go-On Red uses the Ancient Engines to freeze Heater Banki and form Kyoretsu-Oh to scrap the Savage Machine Beast. However, the Horonderthal is finally unearthed by Yogostein, going on a rampage after displaying his power to the Go-On Teams. To make things worse, Saki and Gunpei find out that Sanae tricked them and stole the Ginjiro-go, selling it off with the Go-Ongers unable to buy it back and Gunpei under Sanae's power to Saki's dismay.


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DVD releases

Go-Onger DVD Vol 9

Go-Onger Volume 9, DVD cover

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Volume 9 features episodes 33-36: GP 33: Primeval Engines, GP 34: Devilish Woman, GP 35: Engines' Bonds, and GP 36: Sosuke… Eternally. [1]

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