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Primeval Engines (原始エンジン Genshi Enjin) is the thirty-third episode of Engine Sentai Go-Onger. It features the first appearance of Engine Gattai Kyouretsu-O.




With the damage to Speedor's Engine Cast from the mysterious Engines intervening in the fight between Engine-Oh G9 and Drill Banki rendering him unable to enlarge to help in combination for a while, an agitated Sōsuke runs off after learning from Carrigator that they may be ancient Engines. However, Sōsuke runs into Drill Banki who is also in a bad mood and is reluctantly sent by Yogostein to find the ancient Engines as well. During their battle, the ancient Engines arrive on the scene in a hit-and-run as Go-on Red chases after them, finding them resting in an abandoned switchyard. While this occurred, the others set up a plan to lure the Ancient Engines out by having Seiku-Oh and GunBir-Oh spar until a vexed Drill Banki decides to take out his frustrations for Yogostein out on the two combinations, Bearrv, and Bus-on. Learning that his friends are in danger after seeing the Ancient Engines have no intent to trust humans, Sōsuke decides to fight on his own in a battle where he has no chance to win. However, Go-on Red's determination and Speedor's pleas for his ancestors to give humans a chance touched Kishamoth as he takes T-Line and K-Line to battle Drill Banki at Go-on Red's side, forming Kyoretsu-Oh to scrap the Savage Machine Beast as Yogostein finally realizes the Engines are not the Horonderthal. Soon after the fight, the ancient Engines become Sōsuke's secondary partners.



DVD releases

Go-Onger DVD Vol 9

Go-Onger Volume 9, DVD cover

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Volume 9 features episodes 33-36: GP 33: Primeval Engines, GP 34: Devilish Woman, GP 35: Engines' Bonds, and GP 36: Sosuke… Eternally. [1]

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