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"Error! Error! Error!"
―G-BO's final words before shutdown[src]

G-BO is a clumsy fighting robot owned by Prince Phillip that was usurped by Sledge.

Character History

G-BO was created to help train Prince Phillip to be a Power Ranger. After fighting the Vivix with the prince controlling him and causing a few problems for the Dino Charge Rangers, Sledge's army steal him and bypass the controller to turn him into a villain whose principal goal is to destroy the Power Rangers. After Prince Phillip gained the Graphite Ranger powers upon bonding with the Graphite Energem due to him saving a girl, G-BO went to fight its former master, and after a long struggle was defeated with a special punch. Rise Of A Ranger


G-BO personality is similar to that of a real robot, only with a more clumsy apple to it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: G-BO is a highly strong robot, powerful enough to battle all six of the Dino Charge Rangers with ease.
  • Armor: G-BO is well armord and can withstand many direct hits from his enemy's.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: G-BO can jump in high distance.
  • Energy Lasers: G-BO can fire powerful dark blue energy lasers from his hands.


  • He is the second robot to be corrupted by a villain and is able to turn against the Rangers for a single episode. The first was Alpha 5 in "The Wedding".
  • Never once is the machine referred to as G-BO on screen. Everyone, including Prince Phillip refers to it as a robot.
  • It shares the same name as its counterpart.

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