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This article is about a/an game-exclusive Ranger in the Power Rangers franchise.
Future Omega Ranger
Future Omega Ranger
Gender: Male
Season: Power Rangers: Super Legends
Color(s): White
Homeworld: n/a
First Appearance: Super Legends
Last Appearance: Super Legends
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Yuri Lowenthal
Future Omega Ranger

Future Omega Ranger appears in Power Rangers: Super Legends. He appears as the guardian of the Hall of Legends. Sometimes known as the Omega Ranger or the Super Omega Ranger. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. His helmet is based on the Omega Ranger of Power Rangers: SPD and it is implied that he is a future version of him.

When the SPD Omega Ranger was brought in, he was confused with him. Doggie said he needed Sam, but the Omega Ranger thought he was talking about him.

Future Omega Ranger




  • He is very similar to AkaRed from Super Sentai for the following reasons:
    • Both did not appear in a single episode of their respective TV series (Omega Ranger with Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and AkaRed with GoGo Sentai Boukenger).
    • Both look like another character from their franchises (AkaRed looks like Akarenger and Omega Ranger looks like Sam).
    • Both appeared in an anniversary season of their respective show, although this Omega Ranger appeared in the Power Rangers anniversary video game, not the anniversay team up episode.

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