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"Rangers forever!!!"
―Super Legends[[Power Rangers: Super Legends

Omega Ranger appears in Power Rangers: Super Legends (non-handheld games). here he is labeled as Future Omega Ranger. He appears as the guardian of the Hall of Legends. He refers to himself as "Omega Ranger" only. It is heavily implied that he is the future version of Sam, given how Sam himself has had a time-traveling adventure, under the wing of the Guardian of the Hall of Legends that led to him becoming the new guardian of the Hall of Legends.

The future Omega Ranger recruited Sam, the Omega Ranger himself, with Doggie Cruger, Shadow Ranger, to battle Icthior who had joined forces with Emperor Gruumm and Lord Zedd.

Future Omega Ranger


Omega Ranger/Future Omega Ranger




  • Other than being heavily implied that he may be Omega Ranger from SPD in the Playstation2 and PC games, the different storyline in the Nintento DS version ends with him replacing the Guardian of the Hall of Legends.
  • He is very similar to AkaRed from Super Sentai for the following reasons:
    • Both did not appear in a single episode of their respective TV series (Omega Ranger with Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and AkaRed with GoGo Sentai Boukenger).
    • Both look like the upgraded form of a character from their franchises (AkaRed looks like Akarenger and Omega Ranger looks like Sam).
    • Both appeared in an anniversary season of their respective show, although this Omega Ranger appeared in the Power Rangers anniversary video game, not the anniversay team up episode.
  • He was initially branded as "Super Ranger" prior to the release of the games.
  • His position as the solitary new Guardian of the Hall of Legends, unable to leave its premises, is very similar to that of Sailor Pluto from the Sailor Moon sagas.

See Also

  • Sam - his younger version, as heavily implied but never outright confirmed.
  • AkaRed - a teamless Ranger in Super Sentai who's also recruited past Rangers.
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