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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

Freezard (voiced by Steve McGowan) is a cobra ice demon who can freeze people frozen solid.

Character History

Freezard was summon by Olymius to attack the rangers, he first fired his Snow Burst at Miss Fairweather. He also sucks four rangers into his stomach with a laser. The Red Ranger has a showdown against him with his Thermo Blaster and releases the Rangers but he is frozen solid, after Carter was rescued by the other rangers Freezard grew into a giant and was destroyed by the Omega Megazord.In the Freeze Zone

Freezard was among the demons seen in the Shadow World.The Fate of Lightspeed

Powers and ability's

  • Durability: Freezard is very durable and can withstand most attacks.
  • Snow Burst: Freezard can fire bits of snow at his enemy's to freeze them.
  • Vacuum Laser: One of his trade marked main ability's, Freezard can fire a blue energy laser at his enemy's, if the person and/or object is hit on contact, they will be sucked up into Freezard's mouth and will freeze inside of his stomach.
  • Camouflage: When he grew giant he gets a new power were he can hid in the dark thanks to Olympius.
  • Ice Missiles: He can fire small rounds of ice missiles.


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