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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Oh -- I mean, Kelzaks!"

―Fragra summon the Kelzaks to aid her in battle.[src]
"You annoying little boys.

You found my Olfactory Factory. "

―Fregra after seening the Rangers in "her" factory.[src]

Fregra is a perfume, hand and magician-themed alien monster who serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Scent of a Ranger".

Character History

She was summon by Zurgane to use her fragrance to transform people into bottles of perfume, she first captures two girls in perfume bottles, she gets fought by all six of Ninja storm Rangers (With Cam being absent due to Cyber Cam "taking" his place) and summons an army of Kelzaks to aid her in battle, she manages to capture Dustin and Tori when they went to check on "Cams" strange behaver, the remaining Rangers come to their rescue (along with the real Cam who came backed and returned Cyber Cam back to Ninja Ops) and battled her in her factory, the Red Ranger went out to find the others, the Rangers manages to overpower her, but annoyed she launch her Ninja Star fireballs at both the Rangers, and in the area with all of the Perfume bottles were Shane was, only for Shane to survive the attack and blasted her with his Hawk Blaster, after words he released all the people that Fragra had captured, including Dustin and Tori.

Furious that her plans had been stopped, she went all out on the Ninja Rangers. first taking out the Green Ranger, and landing a meager beat down on all five of the Rangers, as she takes out the Ninja Storm Rangers one by one, the Green Ranger grew more and more angered seeing Fragra harming his friends, the Green Ranger transforms into his Super Samurai Mode, and did battle with her, Fragra was no match for the Green Ranger and was ultimately destroyed by the Green Rangers Samurai Saber, after she grows the Green Ranger summons the Samurai Star Megazord to battle her, but he was quickly out match until the Wind Rangers summon the Storm Megazord and transform it into its lighting mode to help him out, with the combine attacks of the Storm Megazords Ramp attack and the Samurai Star Megazords Power Sphere #10, the Bee Spinner, they were able to destroy Fragra for good.


Fragre speaks in a Scottish accent (similar to Klank before her); she had a dream of turning people into perfume, she is also shown to be a bit short-tempered, as she grew enrage when Shane released the people she captured.

Powers and Ability's

  • Strength: Fragra was surprisingly strong despite her appearance, powerful enough to nearly best all six Ninja Storm Rangers in battle.
  • Kelzak Summoning: Fragra can summon an army of Kelzaks to aid her in battle.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Fragra can leap at an incredible distance.
  • Perfume Travel: Fragre can turn herself into perfume for a faster travel.
  • Perfume Transformation: From the perfume spray shape hat on the top of her head, she can fire a perfume spray that can turn anyone into perfume.
  • Ninja Star Fireballs: Fragre can shoot ninja star shaped fireballs from her left hand, there are two ways she can fire them, in ether a single that she can fire them in rapid succession, or in a spread.


  • Perfume Sword: Fragre is armed with a sword for close melee combat.
  • Perfume Bottles: After turning the victim into perfume, she can suck them into bottles.


  • Fragra is the second monster in Lothors army to be a female, the first being Florabundacus.

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