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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Fourth Down and Long is the one hundred and twenty-third episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The 2nd Zeo Serial Short aired before a later airing of the episode.


Rocky must drop kick Rita and Zedd to save the Rangers from Centiback, a monster who changes people into footballs


Rocky's friend Alan accidently causes a smokescreen in science class by reading the instructions incorrectly. Mr. Wilton threatens to kick him off  the football team if he doesn't shape up. As a result, Rocky thinks Alan may be having the same trouble as his uncle, famous football player Joe Haley, who is visiting Angel Grove. Bulk and Skull have been assigned to guard him.

On the moon, Zedd has taken an interest in football and is practicing with Goldar and Rito; he is actually quite good. Finster enters the throne room, presenting a magical centipede that can become a monster given something to catalyze with; he bumbles into their practice, dropping the centipede on the football. To Zedd's surprise, the two items merge into a new monster named Centiback. Impressed at the idea of having their own running back (which is a football player position on the field, for those who don't know the rules of the game), Rito asks Centiback to toss his ball to him. Rito catches it and does a Touchdown dance. He then vanishes in a flash of light. Rita searches the smoke on the floor to find Rito was turned into a football by Centiback; "He's finally useful". Goldar tosses the football to Zedd, who comments "they don't make them like this anymore - real monster skin." He tosses it back to the ground, where Rita changes Rito back. Dazed by being tossed around, Rito can only ask "anyone get the number of that bus?"

To be continued...



  • Ninjor's energized slash attack on giant Centiback would be the only time this attack method would be used.
  • This episode marks the first speaking appearance by Saba since the change to Ninja powers, although he would be used far less from this point onwards.
  • The rangers do not turn in their ninja forms in this episode.
  • Second appearance of Mr. Wilton (first being "Wizard for a Day"). He makes his next and final appearance in "Attack Of The 60' Bulk".
  • This episode is extremely similar to the previous one in that both episodes focus on Rocky and involve him being needed to save the other Rangers when they are turned into inanimate objects by the monster-of-the-day.
  • The Masked Rider episode "License to Thrill" premiered on the same day as the episode.


  • For some reason Centiback's football doesn't transform the Tengas that catch it.
  • Tommy summons the Falconzord for the battle against giant Centiback, however it never arrives.
  • As Aisha is about to be hit by Centiback's football, Rocky mispronounces her name.
  • In The Great Bookala Escape, Billy said it never snowed in Angel Grove, but yet in this episode it was snowing by the time the Rangers summoned their Zords (Although it may be that they were some distance from the city during this fight, as it was never expressly stated how close they were to the city).

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