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The Forkloid (フォークロイド, Fōkuroido) is a Metaloid that Enter created with the "scoop" Metavirus to fight the Go-Busters.

As this Metaloid was made with an insane amount of Enetron that Enter hijacked from as shipment for Beet Buster's Hyper Space transportations, it had great resistance and incredible strength that can make a big fissure. However, it had a rather simple-minded yet very aggressive personality

This Metaloid was deleted when Beet Buster and Stag Buster hit this Metaloid with charged slashes from their DriBlades.

It's data was used for the creation of the ForkZord and ultimately also the first MegaZord Delta.



  • Identification Number: F-09
  • Install Metavirus: EGURU
  • Production Motif: Fork
  • Height: 195 cm. (6 feet, 6.34 inches)
  • Weight: 256 kg. (575 lbs.)

Behind the Scenes